The participants of the CanBioSe project during the three years of the project have published 31 scientific publication in scientific journals about bio and gas sensors, material science and engineering, and chemistry and physics. 

The list of the publications:

O. Graniel, M. Weber, S. Balme, P. Miele, M. Bechelany Atomic Layer Deposition for Biosensing Applications.  Biosensors and Bioelectronics, 2018. Vol.122, P.147-159 

O. Graniel, V. Fedorenko, R. Viter, I. Iatsunskyi, G. Nowaczyk,  M. Weber, K. l Załęski, S. Jurga, V. Smyntyna, P. Miele, A. Ramanavicius, S. Balme, M. Bechelany Optical properties of ZnO deposited by atomic layer deposition (ALD) on Si nanowires, Materials Science and Engineering B, 2018

Y. Harmaza, A. Tamashevski, D. Jevdokimovs, R. Viter, E. Slobozhanina.The membrane toxicology of rods and spheric zinc oxide nanoparticles. Toxicology Letters. 2018. Vol.295, Suppl.1.P.S206.

R. Viter, M. Savchuk, N. Starodub, Z. Balevicius, S. Tumenas, A. Ramanaviciene, D. Jevdokimovs, D. Erts, I. Iatsunskyi, A. Ramanavicius, 2019. Photoluminescence immunosensor based on bovine leukemia virus proteins immobilized on the ZnO nanorods. Sensors and Actuators B: Biointerfaces 285, 601-606.  

A. Tamashevski, Y. Harmaza, R. Viter, D. Jevdokimovs, R. Poplausks, E. Slobozhanina, L. Mikoliunaite, D. Erts, A. Ramanaviciene, A. Ramanavicius. Zinc oxide nanorod based immunosensing platform for the determination of human leukemic cells.  Talanta. 2019. Vol. 200. P. 378–386.

U. Malinovskis, R. Poplausks, D. Erts, K. Ramser, S. Tamulevicius, A. Tamulevicine, YS. Gu, J. Prikulis.  High-density plasmonic nanoparticle arrays deposited on nanoporous anodic alumina templates for optical sensor applications. Nanomaterials, 9(4), 531 (2019)

M. Baitimirova, J. Andzane, R. Viter, B. Fraisse, O. Graniel, M. Bechelany, W., John, D. Peckus, S. Tamulevicius, D. Erts. Improved Crystalline Structure and Enhanced Photoluminescence of ZnO Nanolayers in Bi2Se3/ZnO heterostructures. The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 2019, 123, 51, 31156-31166.

R. Viter, K. Kunene, P. Genys, D. Jevdokimovs, D. Erts, A. Sutka, K. Bisetty, A. Viksna, A. Ramanaviciene, A. Ramanavicius. Photoelectrochemical Bisphenol S sensor based on ZnO-nanoroads modified by molecularly imprionted polypyrrole. Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics, 1900232. 2019.

O. Graniel, I. Iatsunskyi, E. Coy, C. Humbert, G. Barbillon, M. Thierry, D. Maurin, S. Balme, P. Miele, M. Bechelany. Au-Covered Hollow Urchin-like ZnO Nanostructures for Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering Sensing. Journal of Materials Chemistry C, 2019, 7, 15066-15073.

E. Coy, K. Siuzdak, M. Pavlenko, K. Załęski, O. Graniel, S. Balme, P. Miele, M. Weber, M. Ziółek, M. Bechelany, I. Iatsunkyi. Enhancing Photocatalytic Performance and Solar Absorption by Schottky Nanodiodes Heterojunctions in Mechanically Resilient Palladium Coated TiO2/Si Nanopillars by Atomic Layer Deposition. Chemical Engineering Journal, 2020, 123702

M. Weber, O. Graniel, S. Balme, P. Miele, M. Bechelany. On the use of MOFs and ALD layers as nanomembranes for the enhancement of gas sensors selectivity. Nanomaterials, 2019, 9, 1552.

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V. Myndrul, I.Iatsunskyi. Nanosilicon-Based Composites for (Bio)sensing Applications: Current Status, Advantages, and Perspectives. Materials 12 (2019) 2880.

M.Turemis, D.Zappi, M.T.Giardi, G.Basile, A.Ramanaviciene, A.Kapralovs, A.Ramanavicius, R.Viter. ZnO/polyaniline composite based photoluminescence sensor for the determination of acetic acid vapor. Talanta, Available online 31 December 2019, 120658, Article 120658.

V. Maciulis, U. Malinovskis, D. Erts, A. Ramanavicius, A. Ramanaviciene, S. Balevicius, S. Juciute, I. Plikusiene. Porous aluminium oxide coating for the development of spectroscopic ellipsometry based biosensor: evaluation of human serum albumin adsorption. Coatings, 2020,  10, 1018.

V. Myndrul , L. Vyslouzilova, A. Klápšťová, E. Coy, M. Jancelewicz, I. Iatsunskyi. Formation and photoluminescence properties of ZnO nanoparticles on electrospun nanofibers produced by Atomic Layer Deposition. Coatings, 2020, 10 (12) 1199.

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A. Barhoum, H. H. El-Maghrabi, I. Iatsunskyi, E. Coy, A. Renard, C. Salameh, M. Weber, S. Sayegh, Amr A. Nada, S. Roualdes, M. Bechelany, Atomic layer deposition of Pd nanoparticles on self-supported carbon-Ni/NiO-Pd nanofiber electrodes for electrochemical hydrogen and oxygen evolution reactions, Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, 2020, 569 286-297.

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P. Kupracz, E. Coy, K. Grochowska, J. Karczewski, J. Rysz, K. Siuzdak, The pulsed laser ablation synthesis of colloidal iron oxide nanoparticles for the enhancement of TiO2 nanotubes photo-activity, Applied Surface Science, 2020, 530 147097.

J. Wawrzyniak, J. Karczewski, P. Kupracz, K. Grochowska, E. Coy, A. Mazikowski, J. Ryl, K. Siuzdak, Formation of the hollow nanopillar arrays through the laser-induced transformation of TiO2 nanotubes, Scientific reports, 2020, 10 20235.

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V. Myndrul, E. Coy, M. Bechelany, I. Iatsunskyi, Photoluminescence label-free immunosensor for the detection of Aflatoxin B1 using polyacrylonitrile/zinc oxide nanofibers, Materials Science and Engineering: C, 2021, 118 111401.

N. Babayevska, Ł. Przysiecka, G. Nowaczyk, M. Jarek, M. Järvekülg, T. Kangur, E. Janiszewska, S. Jurga, I. Iatsunskyi, Fabrication of Gelatin-ZnO Nanofibers for Antibacterial Applications, Materials, 2021.

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I. Iatsunskyi, G. Gottardi, V. Micheli, R. Canteri, E. Coy, M. Bechelany, Atomic Layer Deposition of Palladium Coated TiO2/Si nanopillars: ToF-SIMS, AES and XPS characterization study, Applied Surface Science, 2021, 542, 148603.